Founded in 1997 by a highly experienced Ph.D. statistician, since then PLUSTAT Consulting has provided statistical consultation services to a variety of clients in statistical modeling, analytical data mining for business intelligence, statistical sampling & survey design, risk & fraud detection, credit score development, risk management, customer segmentation & scoring, statistical litigation support, and statistical expert court testimony

Each of our consultants has a minimal degree in Ph.D. They sum up over 50 years of experience in statistical consulting, statistical research, and people/project management. Our consultants have served in the financial industies in various roles including Sr. Credit Analyst, Sr. Modeling Manager, Lead Statistician, Sr. Financial Analyst, and Sr. Risk Modeler. Over the last 14 years, we have successfully built a plethora of predictive models for various business needs from mortgage origination to post asset management.

PLUSTAT focuses on individual care, confidential contact, reasonable cost, accurate interpretation, and timely delivery .